Who is Christopher Eaddy

After his work on his first Masters and being the first Scholarship Football Player to be in a masters level program while still actively playing at the university he left and moved to North Carolina where he continued to play football in the Minor League Football System, preceding the Carolina Panthers.

Following a season with the Charlotte Barons, Dr Eaddy worked as a Mental Health Supervisor before being asked to serve in the 85th largest school system in the US. His specialty; modifying behavior and his work specifically was to effect not only the learner but the teachers across the 6th largest school system in the USA. He served as a special education teacher and a behavior specialist for the school system where he wrote his first two books on human behavior.

In 1995, Dr. Eaddy was asked by the NC State Attorney General to move to Raleigh, NC and directed the SNI Office of the Department of Justice for 12 years. A brief mover thereafter at Peoplefit Inc. he learned and taught the work of Elliot Jacques, PhD, MD. (Requisite Organization), His third book, The Greatest Teacher was completed at that time.

In 1998, he was asked by the Governor of North Carolina to run the SOS Program and other Juvenile Justice programs across the state. During this same time Dr. Eaddy became acquainted with Steven Covey and Tony Robbins. Along with mentoring from Steven Covey, Dr. Eaddy began working along side of several trainers with Tony Robbins and especially the leadership venues.

He was responsible for writing curriculum for Robbins and consulting the Education Ministry in the Bahamas and other consulting work for the United Nations.

During most of these years Dr. Eaddy continued to train along with Win Win and Associates out of Charlotte amassing over 1000 trainings in schools, businesses and law enforcement agencies. In recent years he has spent most of his training time working with Law Enforcement, youth, weight reduction and coaching C-level clientele.

Christopher is a licensed NLP practitioner, a licensed law enforcement trainer, a sharp shooter curriculum writer, profiler and has a multitude of degrees and certificates from some of Americas most prestigious universities and colleges. As a facilitator of learning and Dr. of Psychology, he believes and teaches that the human mind is capable of producing anything it conceives. He is masterful at changing behavior at the subconscious level  so that what you do at the conscious level reflects what you truly want. He is a Certified Group Fitness Instructor through IFTA, and a Certified Aqua Aerobics Instructor through IFA. He will finish his award winning book, debunking the elusive weightloss mysteries, after 10 long years of research and a passionate pursuit of the truth about what works and does not work in being a healthy human.

He believes the human brain is incredibly fast, so why change or learn slowly is his motto – Have a conversation with him and you’ll instantly know why he is referred to as “the coach” across the country. His techniques for getting people to and through change, makes him a critical go to guy for learning the skills to have your behavior congruent with your ultimate goals – fast! As well Dr. Eaddy is a naturalist who maintains several certifications in the Natural Gas Industry; to include Welding, Coating and is an OSHA 500 Level Trainer, A certified Scrum Master and Scrum Coach in the Agile Methodology.

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