Overcoming Challenges



I have walked a path many never get to walk. In the mid 2000’s I was deep into writing Two and A Half Magic Thoughts later changed to ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, Finally a Way To Get Permanent Weight Loss. I was working in the Emergency Department of a Local Hospital training to be a Nurse. I was so engrossed in my work that I was becoming stressed and out of shape. I was approximately 236 pounds with over-grown love-handles, a belly way beyond my belt and waist, man-boobs and a rear-end big enough for three people. I watched a friend at 39 years of age die from being overweight and suffering from a stroke one night in the hospital and it broke me. I decided my own health was at risk and had to act fast. Around the same time I had visited my doctor who noted my weight was going up and he voiced concern. I told him I would address it but first wanted to try something. I shared with him my desire to gain more weight; I wanted to do an experiment. I’m sure he thought I was nuts. He was not only my doctor but was my neighbor and a good friend. I knew he trusted my judgment and respected my decision but it indeed went against all logic and sane reasoning.

Through the 240s my knees took a beating and although I would do small bouts of exercise to hang out with my kids and their friends it was painful. In my 250s I began having night sweats and would wake up drenched. I literally went to sleep lying on an extra-large beach towel covering the bed and my pillow. In the 260s my blood pressure began to escalate and move into the pre-hypertension range. My doctor once again voiced concern. This was alarming to me to because my oldest brother died at 50 years of age from a massive heart attack brought on by hypertension.

My blood pressure continued to rise into the 270s and then came the headaches, muscle spasms and back aches into the 280s. Ongoing massages and tension breaking (knots in my back) attention seemed to be never ending. But, here was the real game changer. I began to eat more and could never get satisfied. I was up eating at 2 and 3 AM on my nights off, cereal, peanut butter, ice cream, sandwiches and high calorie sweet milk alternatives.

At 290 the jump to 300 was seemingly over-night. I struggle to walk without pain, slept more, was over tired, easily winded and lethargic…AT 310 POUNDS- ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH! I couldn’t take it anymore. I was miserable and almost didn’t recognize myself. I couldn’t run anymore, I wasn’t active. And I knew it was time. I probably felt like most over-weight people do. I wanted something and I actually didn’t have a plan on how to get it. Even though I knew I wanted it bad I didn’t have a clue how to begin and get sustained results.

Then it happened, as I was writing the book it occurred to me. It was all in the framework of my thinking first and foremost. There was some missing thoughts. As badly as I wanted the change, I couldn’t, wouldn’t and was in no way going to be able to get it and keep it…