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Key to Success
Helping you unlock your potential is the objective. Figuring it out on your own is not extremely difficult – it just takes way too long in most instances.

Whether its personal goals or our expertise in business development – One thing is certain; after a single conversation you’ll quickly find out that Christopher Eaddy is a brilliant choice for building your fortune and completing your own legacy

Christopher Eaddy & Associates

Nearly 20 years ago in front of a small crowd of business owners he stood and declared that we would help them grow a business they could all retire on. Many have actually gone that route but not before establishing a name for themselves and leaving a legacy for their families and employees. Dr. Eaddy continues to develop innovative solutions that allow individuals, professionals, businesses, law enfiorcement agencies, schools and even governments to grow and flourish.

With a full range of options, the efforts led by Dr. Eaddy clearly seek to understand your needs, then create solutions that are doable and that get you RESULTS!

Your wait is over!

Christopher Eaddy


Those of us who work with Dr. Eaddy sincerely believe that our success is built on your results – because in the end that’s all that matters!

Our work spans clear across the United States to countries abroad and into developing nations. Our results are designed to surpass time and your satisfaction is our check and balance system.



  • Agile Implementation and Coaching
  • Personal and Business Coaching (strategy development)
  • Weight Reduction – and Healthy┬áLifestyles┬áPlanning
  • OSHA Authorized Construction Training
  • Professional Problem Solving
  • Enhanced Group Dynamics, Team-Building, Motivational/Strategy Seminars
  • Customer Satisfaction, Seminars, NLP Seminars
  • Business Seminars
  • Phobia Cure, Dyslexia, Smoking Cessation, Alcohol and or Drug use reduction or cessation
  • School Workshops
  • Personal Education – Public Speaking, Stuttering, Habit Remediation, Trance Work, etc.
  • Keynote “motivational” speaking

We Are An Agent For Positive Change

If It Involves Human Behavior We Can Show You How to Easily Influence It