Every now and then you come across someone who really gets it! They understand what life offers and knows how to really go after it. Sometimes if your’re lucky that person will be someone who can help you get where you want to.

Christopher Eaddy is one of those people.

Welcome to Christopher L. Eaddy’s basic Introduction Page.

As an actor, author, dad, husband, friend, successful businessman, voice over actor, trainer and former professor his life has become really simple. As a LIFE COACH he has taken his own advice to others and uses his own success to help others Get What You Want in Life. With over 20 years of Behavior, Health and Human Performance he has developed some mastery in the work he knows so well.

Our Focus

Your results as a coach is my biggest achievement. For those I have worked with I’d say all but a small few are getting the results they were after – you too will get the results you want.

One Step

The journey of a thousand miles always begins with a “first step”.

Have a conversation with Dr. Eaddy and see for yourself- how soon reaching your goals can take place.

Are you ready to achieve your legacy?

Who is Christopher Eaddy?

Dr. Eaddy in simple believes in Results. “In the end results are all that matter”